Become a

The Best Way in the World
to Learn Complicated Stuff
Want to take your Rhetoric Game
to a pro level?

Want to stride into business situations
knowing you're going to succeed at bringing
people to where you need them to be?

Want to not just "win" arguments, 
but get real, deep agreement?

Want to persuade the "unpersuadables"?

Then it's time to jump into our
Rhetorician-In-Training program, 
and get the Knowledge, Skills, 
Psyche, and Materials you need to become
the kind of multi-approach persuader
who always sees the way to succeed.

Train with a Master Rhetorician

Dr. Dan is a truly unique rhetorician and trainer. 

Dan has a PhD in Rhetoric,
and is a professional educator who has 
taught over 100 college courses, 
and worked with 1000's of students.

He's also a partner in 500 Rockets, 
an active digital marketing agency in Austin, Tx. 
He's worked directly with over 100 organizations
on everything from branding, naming, slogans,
primary copy, and sales scripts, 
to complete marketing builds or rebuilds
for startups and companies looking
for a fresh approach to how the world sees them.

Which means these coaching sessions 
aren't just academic, they're designed to help you 
quickly develop the knowledge, skills, materials, and
psyche you need to be immediately more persuasive,
in your business and your life.

Coaching sessions with Dr. Dan 
are built to be fun, fast, and fascinating.
This is a great opportunity to speed learn
persuasion approaches it takes years
to learn in universities, or on the job. 

Get started today.  

The Cost

Hourly rate of $150, two hours minimum to start. 

The Content

One-on-one persuasion training -- adapted to business, politics, social issue work, parenting, relationships, etc.

Also do dialogue training in super conversation skills, hyper-effective networking, pitching, and negotiation tactics. 

The Process

() Zoom meets (30-60 mins)

() Ongoing open online chats

() Ongoing open Google docs

() Exercises assigned (if you want them)

() Real life situations to work on (instead of using hypotheticals, we can co-work on persuasion development for your actual business, politics, social issues, etc.  

The Clients

Anyone who wants to understand the power of a rhetorical approach to persuasion, and grow their persuasive knowledge, skills, materials, and psyche.

Sessions can be adapted to all levels, from just starting into persuasion, to long-time persuaders who haven't yet accessed what a rhetorical approach can add to their business. 

Clientele includes: business people of all varieties (entrepreneurs, managers, executives, employees), political workers and designers, social issue advocates and activists, parents looking for new approaches to parenting, etc.
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